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The Founders of Canterbury

Reigate, 21st January, 1850

Reigate, 21st January, 1850.

My Dear Bellairs,

—I had the matter out with Parker, with the advantage of Rintoul's presence and earnest counsel. We settled every thing, so that with Parker alone rests all responsibility, trouble, and expense; save only the trouble and responsibility of supplying him with matter, or, as it is technically termed, "copy." And for this I referred him to you alone; which throws upon you a greater weight of responsibility than perhaps you imagine.

If there should not be room in a single number for a complete account, which would inform people of every thing essential to be known, including the whole of the Bishop's letter and Godley's instructions, perhaps the first number might be a double one, costing a shilling. If so, you might page 205get in Godley's letter to Gladstone and passages from Cooke-sley and Wynter, especially the latter, whose Tract, iu Parker's hands, ought to be enough advanced for the pnrpose. Bnt, anyhow, the getting out by Sa urday (which is most desirable) will be sharper work than you wot of, I think.

Yours ever,

E. G. Wakefield.