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The Founders of Canterbury

Felix Wakefield, Esq. Reigate, 18th January, 1850

Felix Wakefield, Esq. Reigate, 18th January, 1850.

My Dear Felix,

—I enclose Dillon's letter in consequence of yours to Wynter.

Bellairs wrote to you about advertisements; but I suppose you did not mind him. There are plenty for the present; and they cannot be got into more conspicuous places. At any rate, do nothing about advertisements till you know what I may have to say about it.

page 203

Are you not stopping at Birmingham to do the work of him whom you went there to find? Your plan is to thoroughly inform one man, and leave him to deal with the rest.

I thought till to-day that you were going to Mr. Kinnersley's and to Manchester. As you said you should return at the end of the week, and have not unsaid it, I keep the only letter for you—one from Ipswich. None from the Isle of Wight, which is odd.

Don't forget your engagement with Mr. Furneaux for Tuesday morning next.

Keep in mind that there is no time for you doing more than cram one intelligent and respected man at each place; and that you can do this better with the individual alone than by talking to numbers.

Ever yours,

E. G. Wakefield.

P.S.—Don't mistake your function. You are not a missionary, but only a setter-up of missionaries.