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The Founders of Canterbury

John Hutt, Esq. Reigate, 15th January, 1850

John Hutt, Esq. Reigate, 15th January, 1850.

My Dear Hutt,

—It is ticklish work writing, still more meddling, about the Bishopric. Except to yourself in real and strict confidence, I would not utter an opinion. In that manner, I say that Mr. Hawtrey is not "man enough." I mean not of sufficient mark in the Church: and I am sure that with a view to the good of the Church in the colony and the utmost success of the great experiment, the gentleman selected for Bishop ought to be, if possible, of good private property. Many such, I have no doubt, will come forward ere long: and if one of them should be highly fit in other respects, he must be preferred to any who may look to the appointment as a provision. But all this is my private view; and I earnestly request that it may not be mentioned as mine even, in confidence, to any one. I speak to yourself alone. And page 198the same knowledge of the ticklish nature of the subject which dictates this reserve, prompts me to warn you of the danger of uttering opinions about it, which might be repeated as yaurs, but in a way to leave impressions different from those you intended. Your present position is very responsible: and too much might be made of any thing you said on the subject.

There are several people about here who wanted to pay for their land; but Felix told them (wisely I think) that no money would be received till after a day of which ample notice will be given by advertisement.

I trust you will keep me informed about Bellairs's matter, in which I feel my honour as well as yours concerned. Wynter told me yesterday that he did not obey your call, because it was useless to go to London for the purpose of repeating the complete carte blanche already given to you. He said he was quite sure that the matter had been most deliberately left in your hands on account of your being the only member of the Committee with large experienee of such undertakings.