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The Founders of Canterbury

Reigate, 7th January, 1850

Reigate, 7th January, 1850.

My Dear Mr. Adderley,

—After a discussion with the brothers FitzGerald, I left in their hands the heads of a Bill which were drawn up by Molesworth, with a confident hope that a Bill will be drawn in time, and in a manner to stand the very hostile criticism to which, at all events, it will be subjected.

When I say in time, I do not mean by the 18th. That, I think, is impossible. And it is because Mr. FitzGerald appears to me capable of doing the work well, that I cannot expect him to do it fast. It is an important task, requiring much research, and the utmost circumspection. But I trust that it will be so far ready by the meeting of Parliament, as to induce Molesworth to give notice of his intention to bring it in.

In other respects the Society appears to me to be in the utmost want of organization, not hasty, but deliberate and very cautious. But I am now relying on Mr. McGeachy for close attention to the subject.

I have been very much pleased to hear of a suggestion of Mr. Gladstone's with regard to the Bill. The relief of "the Church" in the colony from subjection to Downing Street, page 191will, I think, be most serviceable to the colony, very popular there, and likely to obtain here very needful and valuable support for the political liberalism of the measure.