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The Founders of Canterbury

Reigate, 29th December, 1849

page 184
Reigate, 29th December, 1849.

My Dear Young,

—I agree with yon that there is a chance that the Protectionists may throw out the Grovernment, get into power, and try what a dissolution may do for them. But by what means? Certainly not by a motion in favour of protection. That cock won't fight in the present House of Commons, except to be beaten flagrantly. Then by what means? By no other than defeating the Government on a Colonial motion. By that means Protection may get an appeal to the country and see what strength there is in it. The opportunity is made for you. Will you seize it? I doubt. I think that, perhaps, Stanley, who in his heart does not want to turn out the Grovernment, will not let you. But the game is, in a great measure, in your hands, because you are a known colonizer and Colonial Reformer—almost the only leading Protectionist who is. You have great power just now, if you will but use it: and you are a clear-headed man of business, not wanting in that courage and self-reliance without which politics are a poor occupation. At any rate it is worth your while to talk the whole matter over with me. That won't hurt you: and I long to tell you of some things which must not be written.