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The Founders of Canterbury

C. B. Adderley , Esq. Reigate, 26th December, 1849

C. B. Adderley , Esq. Reigate, 26th December, 1849.

My Dear Sir,

—Hutt has put a stop to the surrender of the Canterbury scheme. But the contemplated folly is only suspended. Another meeting of the committee must be held in order to reconsider the question; and I trust you will let Hutt know what is the earliest day on which you can attend. In truth, I venture to observe, when a gentleman undertakes, and with every prospect of success, the overthrowing of Governments and the founding of nations, with so prominent a part in the work as yours is now, he must be very apt to break down unless he give as much personal attention to the work as he would to the work of an office under the Crown.

The political movement is going almost too fast. Such great and rapid success frightens me.


E. G. Wakefield.

P.S.—I hope you did not forget William Hutt.