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The Founders of Canterbury

John Hutt, Esq. Reigate, 22nd December, 1849

John Hutt, Esq. Reigate, 22nd December, 1849.

My Dear Hutt,

—Mr. Wynter has promised me to attend your meeting; and I think you will find him master of the objections to auction and priority of application.

I have thought it well, however, to beg Felix to go to Charing Cross before your meeting time (which Wynter tells us is two o'clock) in order that you may, if you see fit, call him in to the committee meeting, and make him tell his objections, which amount to this—that it will be impossible page 175to sell more than a small quantity of land if you either sell choices by auction or give a preference to those who manage to get their names first into the book of applications.

I trust you may manage to adhere to the whole course which we agreed upon here, and to get all the business through to morrow. For I have written to Bellairs, and expect to see him to-morrow. I shall send him to you.

My suspicions have been confirmed by another fact.