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The Founders of Canterbury

The Honorable F. Baring, M.P. Reigate, 7th December, 1849

The Honorable F. Baring, M.P. Reigate, 7th December, 1849.

My Dear Mr. Baring,

—Adderley has sent me the enclosed, desiring that I will forward it to you.

With a few verbal alterations, I think that it will do very well.

Of course your name will not appear without the rest of the Council.

Adderley says he writes to you, begging you to alter it as you please, and then send it to the printers. But I write to him to day, saying that I beg you to send it back to me: for I think that Adderley and I, besides other councillors, and especially the very cautious and circumspect Rintoul, must con it over before it gets into print, even for private circulation.

I hear from more than one quarter that the Government intends to get before the Colonial Reformers, by proposing measures of Reform, large enough for notice in the Queen's speech. May it prove so!

Adderley has a brother-in-law, Mr. McGeachy, formerly M.P. for Honiton, who laid the foundation of the new system of Church of England College Schools, such as Marlborough; who is devoted to such matters; who is, I know, a very pleasant practical person to work with (high-spirited, and a thorough gentleman, but laborious); and who would, I doubt not, take a labouring part, along with Wynter, in Buller University work, if you saw fit. If you see fit, I will write to him.