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The Founders of Canterbury

The Rev. J. Cecil Wynter. Reigate, 21st November, 1849

The Rev. J. Cecil Wynter. Reigate, 21st November, 1849.

My Dear Sir,

—I washed to see you to-day, in order, by Godley's desire, to ask whether you would prefer that Mr. Forsyth should be asked to propose you to-morrow as a member of the Association. It occurred to Godley that Mr. page 147Forsyth might, as your relative, like to propose you himself rather than hear you proposed by another. Please say therefore whether you will yourself ask Mr. Forsyth to propose you, or Godley and others shall ask him to do so, or they shall propose you without first speaking to him. The object is to give you a choice amongst the three modes. At all events, you will be elected to-morrow; and if you write to Mr. Forsyth, perhaps you will send your letter to the post by my servant. I write in haste, and shall to-morrow send back your sketch, which I like greatly thus far.