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The Founders of Canterbury

15th November

page 142
15th November.

My Dear Godley,

—I think that if the purport of the enclosed were got into an official correspondence between the Association, Lord Grrey, and the Archbishop, it would do perfectly for the present. More could hardly be asked till the endowment shall be ready.

Ask Hutt for a letter he had from Aglionby this morning.

Pray do go away at once if you are suffering in London. The care of your health is the first care. We shall miss you dreadfully; but never mind that, for it must come soon, and whether now or two or three weeks hence is of no real moment.

If you like to go at once (which I wish you would) both my brother and my son, either or both, will be truly glad to undertake any commissions in Lendon, and to correspond with you in Devonshire about their execution.

The wind has got to the northward, and is invigorating: but if it should suit your feelings, don't be tempted ever to go out of doors without the respirator.

I long to see you once more here, with the son and heir.