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The Founders of Canterbury

Reigate, 28th October, 1849

Reigate, 28th October, 1849.

My dear Mr. Baring,

—There is news from New Zealand, to the effect that the Banks' Peninsula plains are fixed upon for the Canterbury Colony. I enclose a letter, by which (with the chart) you will see the "Peninsula" is only a promontory. The writer is the Surveyor of the Acheron surveying ship, and a man of great ability in his profession but difficult to please. All the accounts speak in like terms of the spot.

Godley will sail in the Company's ship Lady Nugent on the 1st of December. The Association is going to work in earnest, with a view to forming the colony of people here and selling the land.

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I have not heard from anybody about your letter to Aglionby, but may to-day as he is coming to dine with me.

Godley is delighted at the thought of connecting "Buller College" and Canterbury Colony.

P.S.—I find Aglionby quite disposed (in consequence, probably, of your letter) to join in any steps that may be needful to save the credit of the leading directors. But as I talked on the subject without any reference to you (of whose views I know only that you are generally not well pleased at the present state of things) nothing practical was suggested by our conversation. He said that you had written to him on the subject of Government, and that he quite agreed with you.