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The Founders of Canterbury

John Hutt, Esq, Reigate, 10th October, 1840

John Hutt, Esq, Reigate, 10th October, 1840.

My Dear Hutt,

—I write by Grodley's desire, and, being rather unwell, with another hand.

There is no necessity for deciding to go on at all events, in words. Grodley's mission decides it in fact. Decide to send out Godley as pioneer of the eolonsits, and for the general purposes of the Association—and to take other preliminary steps, such as preparing (not issuing) terms of sale, and congregating a body of colonists—do this, which involves no slight to the Bishop, nor any breach of faith with his friends; and everybody will be satisfied, Company included, to wait for news before actually selling land. Indeed, under no circumstances could you issue terms of purchase till you had positively got the land. If you send out Godley, and take only preliminary steps for planting a colony in New Zealand with-page 126out saying where, you will do quite enough for Company and intending colonists. Of course you will take out your Charter, and if you can settle about a Bishop, so much the better. But if you only decide finally on Godley's mission, he will tben be free to work at all the rest until he goes, and all that needs to be done before he goes will be done without difficulty.

I wrote in this sense to Godley last night.