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The Founders of Canterbury

Reigate, 6th October, 1849

page 119
Reigate, 6th October, 1849.

My Dear Mr. Baring,

—You may be sure that not a word of Lord Grey's letter shall by me be breathed to any body.

The letter itself (which I inclose) is highly characteristic of the man—honest, candid, feeble in perception and judgement, abounding in confusion of ideas, pig-headed, conceited and rather boastful, and pridefully disparaging of the conduct and motives of others.

I hope you will not answer the letter until I have an opportunity of pointing out some of its grossest errors of fact and argument; such, for example, as that the Company has for three years had the administration of the Crown Lands at Wellington, where the native title is not yet extinguished, and there are still no Crown Lands; accordingly, it was impossible to extend settlement. One or two hard knocks in the answer seem to me very desirable, in order that he may not think that he has confounded you by his silly case as stated by himself.

Next Sunday, the 14th, I will keep at your disposal. That day will also square perfectly with the probable meeting between the Canterbury Association and the Directors on Monday, the 15th.