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The Founders of Canterbury

John Hutt, Esq.Reigate, 2nd October, 1849

John Hutt, Esq.Reigate, 2nd October, 1849.

My Dear Hutt,

—On reflection, I am impressed with a belief, that you would do a great and most grateful service to Godley by writing to Simeon, and suggesting the idea of taking the trip to Australia and New Zealand. I am persuaded that Godley was only prevented from asking him to go, by his own delicacy, and the consciousness that it would be asking a great service to himself. Simeon's company would be a comfort, a stay, and a help to his recovery; an immense point for one in Godley's state of health, and with his affectionate disposition, which makes his friendship real. He is deeply attached to Simeon. The trip would not be bad for Simeon himself: a large gratification of the feelings, and a fine opportunity of gaining knowledge to be turned to good account in public life when public life in England shall be worth pursuing. The pleasantness of the trip is unquestionable. To a common mind of this generation, such a proposal would seem absurd: but the young men of Godley's school resemble, both in head and heart, the nobler spirits of Elizabeth's time.