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The Founders of Canterbury

Reigate, 1st October, 1849

Reigate, 1st October, 1849.

My Dear Mr. Baring,

— Foreseeing that your suaviter in modo will not prevent the fortiter in re when your time for action shall come, I am very anxious to be quite sure that your letter reached Lord Grey. Would there be any harm in your writing again, merely to ask whether your letter was forwarded to him in Scotland? If the answer should be sent to a second letter, we should be sure that he intended to be rude.

There is to be a Cabinet meeting to-morrow (probably about Turkey and Russia); and I should not wonder if some quarrel took place between Grey and Palmerston about Grey's approval of More O'Ferrall's treatment of the Roman Refugees. It would be very pleasant, I imagine, to Lord Grey, to page 114get out of his peck of colonial troubles, which will increase with the arrival of almost every mail, by retiring from Downing-street on a Foreign-affairs question.

As respects no answer from Lord Grey, you are treated like the Canterbury Association, represented by Lord Lyttelton, which has no answer to a letter written two months ago, asking him to bestow representative government 'on the Canterbury Settlement.