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The Founders of Canterbury

Reigate, 30th Sept., 1849

page 113
Reigate, 30th Sept., 1849.

My Dear Mr. Baring,

—Some of the Canterbury people are coming here to-morrow; and I will write by Tuesday's morning post to let you know the result.

I cannot think yet that Lord Grey will not answer your letter. Troubles are coming on him apace from the Southern Colonies; and if he does not mend his ways, his power will soon be at an end.

Godley's complaint exactly resembles that of your tenant's brother, Dr. Featherston, who is now the Hercules of colonial agitation at Wellington: and all the doctors agree that the voyage, and the climate of New Zealand, will set him up. His going would have capital effects in various ways; for, on the whole, I think he has more real friends, and, of men not in Parliament, more political influence, than any body I have ever known.

You must be pleased at getting Hinds for your Bishop He kindly wrote to inform me of his appointment; and I am sure that he will not neglect the new opportunity of giving effect to his colonizing ideas.