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The Founders of Canterbury

Reigate, 27th September, 1849

Reigate, 27th September, 1849.

My Dear Godley,

—I think you ought to write at once to the Directors, announcing the necessity of your leaving England, and saying that you are in hopes the Association will meet presently, and settle before you go some questions, on the determination of which the progress of the enterprize depends.

I am much annoyed about Wynter. We sha'nt get so colonizing a man. No letter from Adderley this morning; but I usually hear from him by the noon post.

P.S.—Of course, I had a good deal to do with the literary composition of Felix's Report; but though the exposition of the ideas may be regarded as in a good measure mine, the ideas were not mine last year, and I still dissent from some of them. In sending in this Report, he acknowledged the literary assistance obtained from another.

I have just seen old Martin, and am led to think that perhaps Wynter's difficulties might hereafter be overcome. Martin insists that it is extreme diffidence, with some timidity.