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The Founders of Canterbury

C. B. Adderley, Esq., Hams, Coleshill. — Reigate, 24th September, 1849

C. B. Adderley, Esq., Hams, Coleshill.
Reigate, 24th September, 1849.

My Dear Sir,

—Your letter to Lord Grey seems quite to the purpose, and shall be sent to-morrow.

I conclude from Godley's letter, that the domestic difficulty is removed by a concurrence of medical opinions in favour of New Zealand. The providing him with a mission is now the important step; at this he cannot work himself. I have done something towards it as respects the Company, but can proceed no further till the Association shall be in a condition to deliberate and act: and I am wholly without power to set the Association in motion. Nor is it possible to do this by letter. I therefore wait, doing meanwhile what may fall in my way towards ripening matters till you shall be free to come to town. There may be deliberation and some preparation before you come; but till you shall be on the spot there can be no action. It seems essential that Godley should not breathe English air after the month of October.

I will get all particulars about mails for the Cape.

Yours very truly,

E. G. Wakefield.