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The Founders of Canterbury

Reigate, 3rd September, 1849

Reigate, 3rd September, 1849.

My Dear FitzGerald,

—I don't fancy your project at all: I mean that for yourself. Without a specific object, a man of your qualities would be lost in a Colony like New Zealand It is not the place for trusting "that something will turn up." This is—of all the places in the world. However disagreeable your position may be, it is one of independence for the present; and it gives you time to wait and watch. What would not many give for that? Sooner or later something will occur to suit you: meanwhile patience!

I am practising that virtue now in the form of total abstinence from business. I need a complete rest after the work of the Session, and am now taking it. You are at least much page 103distinguished from other correspondents of mine, by getting an answer to your letter. Do you know how Godley is? I trust better, but am almost afraid to ask. I have neither heard from nor of him since you wrote about going to Ireland with him.