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The New Zealanders at Gallipoli


page iv


The New Zealand Popular History Series, by Sir James Allen, K.C.B. v
The New Zealanders of Anzac, by General Sir Ian Hamilton vii
To My Old Comrades, by General Sir Wm. Birdwood xv
I. The Concentration of the Expeditionary Force 1
II. The Voyage to Egypt 14
III. Training in Egypt 32
IV. The Defence of the Suez Canal 47
V. The Rendezvous at Mudros 64
VI. The Anzac Landing 74
VII. The First Week 86
VIII. At the Head of Monash Gully 102
IX. The Battle of Krithia 119
X. The Coming of the Mounteds 132
XI. Supplying the Needs of the Army 152
XII. Midsummer at Anzac 166
XIII. The Preparations in July 182
XIV. The Battle of Sari Bair 192
XV. The Battle of Kaiajik Aghala 245
XVI. Preparing for the End 259
XVII. The Evacuation 278
XVIII. The Return to Anzac 294
I. The Main Body Transports 302
II. N.Z. and A. Division Transports 303
III. Main Body Establishments 304
IV. The Men of Anzac. Decorations and Mentioned in Despatches 307
V. The Place-Names of Anzac 317
VI. A Gallipoli Diary 325
Trench Map of Anzac at end of Volume.