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The New Zealanders at Gallipoli

Welcome Reinforcements

Welcome Reinforcements.

The arrival of the 6th Reinforcements gave a tremendous fillip to the sadly depleted brigades. To the 20 officers and page 266 200 other ranks of the N.Z.M.R. Brigade were added a draft of 30 officers and 1060 men of eager volunteers. The Infantry Brigade was reinforced in a like manner. The new men were so fresh and fit, rosy-cheeked and cheery. “Just like a lot of young schoolboys,” said an officer. “I never realized before how different the newcomer was to the sundried, war-stained, weather-beaten Anzac.”

Black and white photograph.

[Lent by Lieut Carr, A.M.R.
Auckland Mounted Rifles at Lemnos.

With mixed feelings the units learned that they were to return to Anzac. This rest at Sarpi had been a great relief. Strengthened by the fresh blood of the reinforcements, strong in the veteran's knowledge of warfare, the troops once again embarked. “I'm glad we're going home,” said one boy. Strange what we can get accustomed to call “Home”! Farewells were exchanged with the nurses, the sailormen and the Greek ladies gathered round the village pump. Lemnos was once again lost to view and the pleasant sojourn at Sarpi became only a memory.