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The New Zealanders at Gallipoli


page 306
Black and white photograph.

The Staff and Senior Officers of the New Zealand and Australian Division.
This picture was taken in Egypt, 1914. Those marked with a Star are now deceased.
Top Row from Left.—*Capt. C. H. J. Brown; Hon. Capt. W. T. Beck; Capt. J. W. Hutchen; Major J. A. Luxford; Lieut. Kettle; Lieut. J. Anderson; *Lieut. J. M. Richmond; Capt. H. M. Edwards; Capt. N. W. B. B. Thoms; *Lieut. C. M. Cazelet; Capt. C. H. Jess, A.I.F.; Capt. R. E. Coningham; Capt. W. P. Farr, A.I.F.; Lieut. Tahu Rhodes; Major J. G. Hughes, D.S.O.
Second Row.—*Lt.-Col. C. E. Thomas, V.D.; Lt.-Col. N. C. Hamilton; *Lt.-Col. R. E. Courtney, V.D., A.I.F.; Lt.-Col. Hon. J. L. Beeston, V.D., A.I.F.; Major H. G. Reid, A.S.C.; Capt. W. S. Berry, A.I.F.; *Capt. G. A. King; Major C. G. Powles; Major A. C. Temperley; Major C. Shawe; Major G. R. Pridham, R.E.; Major E. M. Williams, A.I.F.; Capt. J. E. Hindhaugh, A.I.F.
Third Row.—Lt.-Col. P. C. Fenwick; Lt.-Col. H. Pope, A.I.F.; Lt.-Col. J. H. Cannan, A.I.F.; Lt.-Col. H. J. Burnage, A.I.F.; Lt.-Col. J. Findlay; *Lt.-Col. W. Meldrum; Lt.-Col. C. E. R. Mackesy; Lt.-Col. J. B. Meredith, A.I.F.; *Lt.-Col. F. M. Rowell, A.I.F.; Lt.-Col. R. T. Sutherland, A.I.F.; Lt.-Col. R. M. Stodart, A.I.F.; Lt.-Col. G. N. Johuston, R.A.; *Lt.-Col. A. Moore, D.S.O.; *Lt.-Col. A. Bauchop, C.M.G.; *Lt.-Col. C. M. Begg; *Lt.-Col. W. G. Malone; *Lt.-Col. D. McB. Stewart.
Sitting.—Lt.-Col. J. P. McGlinn, V.D., A.I.F.; *Col. N. Manders, R.A.M.C.; Lt.-Col. W. G. Braithwaite, D.S.O.; Brig.-General A. H. Russell, A.D.C.; Col. E. W. C. Chaytor, T.D.; Major-General Sir Alex. Godley, K.C.M.G., C.B.; Col. H. G. Chauvel, C.M.G., A.I.F.; Col. J. Monash, V.D., A.I.F.; *Lt.-Col. F. E. Johnston; Lt.-Col. J. J. Esson; Lt.-Col. A. R. Young.