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The Relief of Tobruk

Appendix I

page 524

Appendix I

Casualties in crusader Campaign

THE figures arrived at by Major-General Playfair and his associates (The Mediterranean and the Middle East, Volume III, p. 97) are as follows:

Total Forces Killed Wounded Missing Total Casualties Percentage of Total Force
German 65,000 .. 1,100 3,400 10,100 14,600 22½
Italian 54,000 .. 1,200 2,700 19,800 23,700 43
Total Axis 119,000 2,300 6,100 29,900 38,300 32
British 118,000* .. 2,900 7,300 7,500 17,700 15

The New Zealand figures were:

Total Strength Killed or Died of Wounds Wounded Prisoners of War Total Casualties
Nearly 20,000 879 1,699 2,042 4,620

* It is not clear if this is the maximum strength of Eighth Army or the total number of men who served in it throughout crusader, but the former seems more likely. If the former, then 2 South African Div and other troops which crossed into Libya in December would have increased the total substantially.

Includes 103 who died of wounds, accident or sickness while prisoners of war.