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War Surgery and Medicine


page 541


There were no serious complications from malaria. All responded well to treatment. There were no deaths from malaria. No patient was evacuated from the area because of malaria per se, but all cases were treated and returned to duty on the island where the illness occurred.

Treatment: The treatment used was:


Quinine sulphate, grains 10, in solution thrice daily for three days. (Days, 1–3.)


Atebrin, 0.1 gramme, thrice daily for five days. The first dose was given at the same time as the first dose of quinine, and both drugs were therefore given concurrently for the first three days. (Days, 1–5.)


Plasmoquine, 0.01 gramme Quinine sulphate, grains 5 Thrice daily for next five days. (Days, 6–10.)

There was no rest period between the atebrin and the plasmo-quine. All drugs were given with a draught of water after meals. The whole treatment was completed in ten days.