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War Surgery and Medicine

Camp Buildings

Camp Buildings

The camp at Maadi was in the course of construction when the advance party of 2 NZEF arrived in January 1940, and presumably incorporated most of the established British ideas of army hygiene. The style of the latrines was chosen before the New Zealanders arrived, and the DMS pointed out on arrival that there were defects which would have to be watched if epidemics were to be avoided.

The building of cookhouses, messrooms, showers (wood with concrete floors) and latrines (mud-brick) was only partially completed by the time of the First Echelon's arrival; water was laid on to parts of the camp, and the troops slept in tents page 712 (eight men to a tent) on palliasses placed on bedboards raised above the sand. Later sufficient huts were erected to provide accommodation for normal base camp troops, but the men from the Division usually lived in tents when they returned to Maadi from time to time.