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War Surgery and Medicine

VD Treatment Centres Established as Units

VD Treatment Centres Established as Units

In March 1942, after the New Zealand troops had moved to Syria, new units were formed for the treatment of venereal disease. In place of the VD Section of Maadi Camp Hospital there were established two 50–bed VD Treatment Centres, which could be attached to General Hospitals and which were independent as regards equipment and staff. (They were called 101 and 102 VDTCs to avoid confusion with 1 and 2 British VDTCs.) The change took place on 27 April 1942, and 101 NZ VDTC was on that date attached to 1 NZ General Hospital at Helwan to provide for base troops, and 102 NZ VDTC was later attached to 2 NZ General Hospital at Nazareth to provide treatment for New Zealand troops in Syria and Palestine.