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War Surgery and Medicine

Other Types of Meningitis

Other Types of Meningitis

There were only a few cases of any other types in 2 NZEF and they were not severe. In August 1944 there were some twenty cases of a mild lymphocytic meningitis. Meningitic signs were obvious in each case at admission, and the cerebro-spinal fluid showed an increase in lymphocytes, but was always sterile on culture. The cases all made a rapid recovery.

There were a few deaths from streptococcal meningitis associated with mastoiditis, and from meningitis associated with peritonitis. Meningitis in all its forms, including tubercular, accounted for 18 deaths in 2 NZEF in the Middle East—the highest single cause of death from disease. In the Pacific Force it caused no deaths. This compares favourably with 1 NZEF overseas, which had 115 deaths from meningitis (109 from cerebro-spinal type), excluding tubercular meningitis.

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