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War Surgery and Medicine

Headache and Heterophoria

Headache and Heterophoria

Headache was one of the commonest complaints for which men were referred to the ophthalmologist. Refractions were almost always done with the assistance of a retinoscopy under a mydriatic and the state of muscle balance was always investigated. From his experience with orthoptics Major Bruce Hamilton of the AIF contended with some reason that heterophoria could cause headache in the prevailing glare, but our very complete records made it possible to doubt the validity of this in all but a few instances. In a series of 2432 refractions it was found that the relative degrees of imbalance in 636 men complaining of headaches were almost the same as in 1796 who made no such complaint.

One effect of glare was to interfere to some extent with the suppression of an amblyopic eye and to cause transient confusion.