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Problems of 2 NZEF


IT will possibly have been noted that few of the problems that have been mentioned in previous chapters were what is known in the army as ‘Q’ problems. The greater part of our difficulties were either matters of organisation or were personal problems, and appertained either to ‘G’ or to ‘A’ branches. This is not to say that there was a lack of activity on the Quartermaster-General's side, but merely that most of the work went smoothly and did not create any purely 2 NZEF problems. With Army Headquarters we had few discussions on any ‘Q’ matters, because the main ‘Q’ subjects were for discussion with General Headquarters overseas (e.g., movements, rations, accommodation, equipment, repairs) and New Zealand played no part in them. New Zealand supplied us with the bulk of our woollen articles of clothing, including battle dress; but, strictly speaking, this was as a result of the arrangements made by the United Kingdom supply authorities when contracting for uniforms from New Zealand for all troops, and was not of our own making. Officially these and other articles were supplied by New Zealand to the United Kingdom authorities and by them passed over to us; but the practical arrangement was made in this case that we received them direct from New Zealand.