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Problems of 2 NZEF



At an unfortunate moment in 1940, Headquarters engaged itself to produce a Christmas card for 2 NZEF, to be distributed to units at cost (which was exceptionally low in Egypt) and sold by them at a slightly higher rate, the profit going to regimental funds. Each year until 1944 we repeated the performance, though we should have learned better long before that. Each year there was dissension about the design, although it had been drawn by the Official Artist and certainly did not lack merit. Each year at the last moment some units decided to have a card of their own. Each year it took us well into the next year to get payment for the cards. The end came in 1944, when for the first time we had the card printed in Italy by the British Stationery Service. It was much delayed in production, and when it did appear was so impossible that it was thrown to units free in the hope that there might be a few who might make use of it. The rude remarks of 2 NZEF took a lot of forgetting, and we made a solemn vow for the future; but the need never rose again.