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Problems of 2 NZEF

Appendix XIII — STANDING INSTRUCTIONS FOR 2 NZEF — Disbandment of Units

page 320

Appendix XIII
Disbandment of Units

(Issued in conjunction with 2 NZEF Orders Serial No. 173 of 1944)

SD 81/25
31 Mar 44


(1) Officers of Disbanded Units will be posted in accordance with instructions issued separately by the Military Secretary.

(2) Transfer of OR personnel of the Units concerned will be in accordance with instructions issued by HQ 2 NZEF ‘A’.

(3) WOs and NCOs will retain substantive rank.

(4) WEF a date to be fixed by HQ 2 NZEF and to be known as the ‘first day of disbandment,’ the War Establishment of WOs and NCOs may be completed by making whatever substantive promotions are necessary. No substantive promotions may be made with effect from a date later than the first day of disbandment.

(5) Temporary ranks will be relinquished and ED pay cease WEF whatever date personnel cease to perform the special duties for which higher rank or ED pay was granted, and will in any case cease on the date of official disbandment as notified in 2 NZEF Orders.

(6) OsC Units will consult Offr i/c 2 Ech as to rendering of final returns. All old casualty returns, etc, which are not required by 2 Ech will then be destroyed. Other Unit records which are considered to have historical value will then be deposited at NZ Base Kit Sec.

(7) All equipment (except medical), both controlled and non-controlled will be returned to a New Zealand BOD. Future disposal of this equipment will be as arranged by HQ 2 NZEF ‘Q’ in conjunction with DADOS, BOD. Details in respect of either of these transactions will be furnished to Chief Pmr 2 NZEF by HQ 2 NZEF ‘Q’.

page 321

(8) Any medical equipment in possession will be returned to NZ Med Stores Depot.

(9) Courts of Enquiry will be held to enquire into and report on any shortages in G1098 (or I 1248) equipment, or any other equipment or stores held on charge by the unit. Proceedings will be forwarded to HQ 2 NZEF ‘Q’.

(10) Regimental Fund Books will be balanced and final accounts prepared. These accounts, as also balance of cash, equipment, sports gear, etc., held by the unit, will be dealt with as outlined in para (23) of Standing Instructions for 2 NZEF ‘Regimental Funds’ ref Q 77/17 of 12 Jun 43, which reads:



The Regimental Fund balances of 2 NZEF Units, which are disbanded, will be paid to Chief Paymaster 2 NZEF, who will hold such balances for general distribution.


In the event of special circumstances arising, such as a considerable number of men being transferred direct to another Unit, other than a Base Depot, then HQ 2 NZEF will be asked by OC disbanded Unit for a direction regarding the disposal of balances.


An inventory of Regimental Fund equipment etc., held, will be prepared and submitted to HQ 2 NZEF for instructions as to disposal.


Final accounts will be prepared in accordance with the provisions of these instructions, and these, together with supporting documents, will be submitted by the OC of the disbanded Unit to the Audit Branch 2 NZEF for audit.'

(11) Unit censor stamps, Unit Photographers' permits and any other accountable documents will be returned to HQ 2 NZEF.

(12) Assets of Officers' and Serjeants' Messes will be liquidated in a manner to be approved by a formal mess meeting. All debts will be paid. A certificate will be rendered to HQ 2 NZEF that both these actions have been done.

(13) When all the action set out in paras (1) to (12) above is complete, the CO will report the fact to HQ 2 NZEF, and the unit will be officially disbanded.

W. G. Stevens,

Officer in Charge Administration 2 NZEF