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Problems of 2 NZEF



(1) All Regimental Funds will be vested in the Commanding Officer which term for the purpose of these Instructions means the Officer Commanding the Unit for the time being.

(2) All moneys received for Regimental Funds will be lodged in the first instance with the Chief Paymaster 2 NZEF or Field Cashier in the field, and may be drawn on by requisition signed by the Commanding Officer.

(3) Subject to any special arrangement made with the Chief Paymaster, Units will notify the NZ Pay Office or Field Cashier as the case may be of amounts they wish to draw in cash at the same time as they requisition for pay.

(4) Units so desiring may for their own convenience withdraw portions of the money held by the Chief Paymaster and lodge same to the credit of a current account at Barclay's Bank. Care must be taken that the bank holds specimen signatures of Officers operating on the account. COs will advise the Audit Branch 2 NZEF when such accounts are opened, and when they are closed. Other Funds must Not be mixed with Regimental Funds in the bank account.

(5) The Commanding Officer will decide in what manner the fund is to be spent, bearing in mind that it is intended for improvements in the general welfare of the men. Funds will not be used for the purchase of stores or equipment which normally form part of equipment tables, nor for office appliances, etc., nor will such funds be used in any circumstances to make good shortages of Imprest Moneys, Postal Receipts, Mess Funds or any other separate accounts. Cash payments to individuals of the unit will not be permitted.

(6) Regtl Funds are in fact a trust fund controlled by the CO, and to expend this money on items similar to those mentioned in para (5) above is to exceed the limits of the purpose for which they may be applied.

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(7) The principle to be followed, therefore, is to spend freely, but not wastefully from funds, whilst still exercising strict control over the purposes to which the funds are applied in order to ensure that they are in fact used for improvements in the general welfare of the men as a whole.

(8) In all matters affecting Regimental Funds, HQ 2 NZEF is the final authority, and all questions in respect of expenditure from such funds will therefore be addressed accordingly. On the other hand Audit Branch 2 NZEF may well be consulted regarding methods of accounting, etc.

(9) Money required to enable Units to purchase Sports gear or Sports trophies, or to meet incidental expenses for competitions, will normally be provided from the Regimental Funds of the Unit. Application may, however, be made for grants from National Patriotic Funds in the case of:


Special competitions arranged by Bde Gps.


Isolated Units.


Small Units which for any special reason have not sufficient financial resources.

Applications for any such grants should be made to the Sec., Welfare Committee, HQ 2 NZEF, and should include sufficient information to enable a decision to be made promptly. The state of Regimental Funds in 2 NZEF as a whole is kept under review, and arrangements are made to ensure that funds are maintained at a sufficiently high figure.

(10) All Regimental Fund accounts whether with the Chief Paymaster or in Barclay's Bank are subject to audit by the Audit Branch of 2 NZEF.

(11) Units in CMF requiring payments to be made in Middle East will forward with NZEF Form 147 when applicable, the relative invoice for the supply or service rendered. When paid, the voucher, together with the invoice, will be returned to the Unit, and thus be available to support the quarterly Accounts submitted for Audit Board's action.