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Problems of 2 NZEF

List of Illustrations

page xi

List of Illustrations

Lieutenant-General Sir Bernard Freyberg (right) and Brigadier W. G. Stevens in the Senio River area NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
Following page 118
Maadi Camp, looking towards the Citadel and Cairo NZ Army (G. R. Bull)
Divisional Headquarters offices, Maadi Camp, 1940 NZ Army
New Zealand Supply Depot NZ Army
Egyptian laundry, Maadi NZ Army
Divisional Headquarters mess, Maadi, 1940 NZ Army
Inter-unit relay race, Maadi baths, 1940
2 Echelon Records Section, Maadi Camp, December 1943 NZ Army (G. R. Bull)
Christmas parcel mail being sorted at the New Zealand Chief Post Office, Cairo, December 1943 NZ Army (G. R. Bull)
The Minister of Defence visits the Middle East, April 1943 Hon. F. Jones collection
Rev. J. W. McKenzie (Senior Chaplain) and Rt. Rev. G. V. Gerard at Maadi, June 1943 NZ Army (M. D. Elias)
Brigadier K. MacCormick, Director of Medical Services, 2 NZEF, 1940–43 NZ Army
Troops in the Western Desert receive Christmas parcels, January 1942 26 Battalion collection
Colonel F. Waite, National Patriotic Fund Board Commissioner, hands over a mobile canteen to the YMCA NZ Army (G. R. Bull)
1 NZ General Hospital, Helwan, August 1943 NZ Army (G. R. Bull)
New Zealand Broadcasting Unit, Maadi NZ Army (M. D. Elias)
Suani Ben Adem NZ Army (W. Timmins) page xii
Following page 182
Lady Freyberg and Brig A. S. Falconer welcome members of the first WWSA party at Port Tewfik, October 1941 NZ Army
Lt-Gen Sir Bernard Freyberg (with Matron Miss I. MacKinnon) says goodbye to members of the nursing staff of 6 NZ General Hospital, Florence NZ Army
Main entrance to New Zealand Advanced Base, Taranto, March 1944 S-Sgt J. G. Brown
Troops at Advanced Base wait for trucks to take them on the first stage of their journey to New Zealand NZ Army (C. Hayden)
Lowry Hut at Advanced Base, Taranto, January 1944 NZ Army (M. D. Elias)
New Zealand Field Bakery, Italy NZ Army (G. F. Kaye)
Troops arrive for opening of New Zealand Forces Club, Cairo, February 1941 NZ Army
In the Club library NZ Army (S. Wemyss)
Hotel Danieli, Venice, a New Zealand Forces Club in 1945 NZ Army (J. J. Short)
Education and Rehabilitation Service library in Italy NZ Army (J. Murphy)
Headquarters 2 NZEF, Santo Spirito, May 1944 W. G. Stevens collection
Headquarters 2 NZEF, Senigallia W. G. Stevens collection
Rt. Hon. P. Fraser is greeted by Brigadier Stevens on arriving in Italy, May 1944 NZ Army (G. R. Bull)
At Santo Spirito, May 1944 W. G. Stevens collection
2 NZEF Memorial, Maadi