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The Pacific

List of Illustrations

page ix

List of Illustrations

Heading for the shore of Vella Lavella United States Army Signal Corps Official Frontispice
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8 Brigade Group on Rangatira 16
30 Battalion of 8 Brigade Group arrives in Fiji 16
Petrol tank in Sealark Hill, Suva 16
8 NZ Infantry Brigade defences on Fiji 16
Vice-Admiral R. L. Ghormley arrives at Namaka Aerodrome, May 1942 16
Third Division manœuvres in the Kaimai Ranges The Weekly News 16
Sappers in the Kaimai Ranges The Weekly News 16
The Kiwi Club, Bourail Beach NZ Army Official 48
Training in New Caledonia NZ Army 48
Review of 8 NZ Infantry Brigade, New Caledonia NZ Army 48
Base Ordnance Depot, Bourail NZ Army 48
30 Battalion headquarters, New Caledonia NZ Army 48
37 Battalion cookhouse ovens, Taom, New Caledonia NZ Army 48
The camp site of 22 Field Ambulance at Tinipp NZ Army 48
Nurses' quarters, 4 NZ General Hospital, Boguen NZ Army 48
Club at Base Training Depot in Tene Valley, New Caledonia NZ Army 80
Embarkation Practice NZ Army 80
The move to Guadalcanal NZ Army 80
Boarding a Landing Craft (Mechanised), Noumea NZ Army 80
Third Division training exercise, Mele Beach, New Hebrides NZ Army 80
Gunners pulling a Bofors gun ashore at Mele Beach NZ Army 80
Troops board the USS transport, President Hayes, Noumea NZ Army 80 page x
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14 Brigade Group landing, Point Cruz, Guadalcanal NZ Army 80
Men of 36 Battalion on USS President Jackson NZ Army 112
Below deck on the way from New Hebrides to Guadalcanal NZ Army 112
Malaria Control Unit spraying 37 Field Park Company's camp, Guadalcanal NZ Army 112
Henderson Field, Guadalcanal 112
US Marines following a trail on Guadalcanal US Official 112
Ready for embarkation at Kukum Beach, Guadalcanal, before sailing for Vella Lavella NZ Army 112
Loading rations at Guadalcanal for Vella Lavella NZ Army 112
14 Brigade units landing at Vella Lavella US Army Signal Corps 112
On Vella Lavella NZ Army 144
A patrol from 35 Battalion at Pakoi Bay NZ Army 144
Interrogation of a Japanese prisoner of war, Vella Lavella NZ Army 144
35 Anti-Tank Battery at Maravari, Vella Lavella NZ Army 144
Umomo Island shelled by 12 Field Battery NZ Army 144
Carrier Platoon of 35 Battalion crosses Timbala Bay in a native canoe NZ Army 144
Muddy conditions, Tangalan Plantation area, Nissan Island NZ Army 144
20 Field Company's bridge over Joroveto River, Vella Lavella US Navy Official 144
Landing Craft (Infantry) of the invasion convoy at Guadalcanal A. E. Tilley 176
Landing Craft (Tank) beached at Mono Island NZ Army 176
A 25-pounder damaged by enemy mortar fire, Falamai A. E. Tilley 176
A Landing Ship (Tank) beached at Mono Island US Navy 176
Foxholes in a bivouac area at Malsi Village, Mono Island NZ Army 176
Unloading operations at Falamai NZ Army 176
Embarking on a Landing Craft (Infantry) at Juno Beach, Vella Lavella, for Nissan Island NZ Army 176
Landing craft entering the lagoon at Nissan Island US Official 176 page xi
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Raid by 30 Battalion on Nissan Island US Marine Corps Official 272
Wounded of 30 Battalion waiting to be taken off Nissan Island US Marine Corps 272
New Zealand engineers forming a road through the jungle of Nissan Island NZ Army 272
Tangalan Plantation US Official 272
RNZAF Fighter Squadrons land on the fighter strip at Nissan NZ Army 272
First Commando Fiji Guerrillas in the Solomons US Official 272
Fiji Commandos officers' mess, Teneru, Guadalcanal 272
Ready to leave Stirling Island for return to New Caledonia NZ Army 304
34 Battalion mess, Tonga A. H. Rendell 304
Major-General W. H. Cunningham, first Commander in Fiji 304
Brigadier R. A. Row, Commander of 8 Brigade, and Sir Cyril Newall, Governor-General of New Zealand, on an inspection tour in the Treasury Group 304
Lieutenant-Colonel F. C. Cornwall, Brigadier L. Potter, Commander of 14 Brigade, and Lieutenant-Colonel J. F. Moffatt on Nissan Island 304
Minister of Defence and senior officers on board a transport at Noumea 304
22 NZ Battalion controlling the Japanese repatriation center at Senzaki, Japan 304
New Zealanders watch Japanese farm labourers plant the new season's rice 304