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The Pacific


page vii


Foreward v
Chapter 1: Japan—Rise And Conquest 1
Chapter 2: The Fiji Garrison
I: New Zealand's Responsibility 19
II: The First Force and Its Work 26
III: From Pearl Harbour to Relief 42
Chapter 3: Problems of Command and Employment
I: America Plans the Offensive 57
II: New Zealand Emerges in the Pacific Plan 65
Chapter 4: Back to The Pacific
I: The Third Division Emerges 71
II: Move to New Caledonia 87
III: Life Among the Niaoulis 98
IV: Negotiations—Political and Service 103
V: Training for Combat 116
Chapter 5: Three Island Actions
I: Vella Lavella 125
II: The Treasuries 142
III: The Waiting Period 159
IV: The Capture of Green Islands 168
Chapter 6: The End of A Division 195
Chapter 7: The Battle for The Solomons
I: Japanese Plans Defeated 204
II: The Turning Point 211
III: Crucial Action 216
IV: The Japanese Move Back 221
Chapter 8: The Coastwatchers 228
Chapter 9: Navy and Air Force
I: The Navy in the Solomons 240
II: The Air Force Story 245 page viii
Chapter 10: Fiji Units in Action
I: Training a Brigade Group 261
II: Guerrillas in the Jungle 264
III: Battalions Move to the Solomons 272
Chapter 11: The Smaller Garrisons
I: Fanning Island 288
II: Tonga 292
III: Norfolk Island 300
Chapter 12: Occupation in Japan 307
Chapter 13: Reflections 318
I: Special Order by Major-General H. E. Barrowclough, 19 October 1944 327
II: Appeals for Assistance 328
III: Directive to the Commander-in-Chief of the Pacific Ocean Area 334
IV: Letter from General Barrowclough to General Puttick, 24 May 1943 337
V: Special Order by General Barrowclough, 1 July 1943 341
VI: Interview with Governor Laigret, 18 December 1943 342
VII: Statement by Rt. Hon. P. Fraser on role of New Zealand's Armed Forces, September 1944 344
VIII: Appreciation by Lieutenant-General E. Puttick on Withdrawal of 2nd or 3rd NZ Division, 19 February 1944 346
IX: Appreciation by General Puttick on Strength of New Zealand Army overseas, 4 August 1944 353
X: Telegram from Mr. Fraser to Mr. Churchill, 9 September 1944 359
XI: Letter from Hon. W. Nash, New Zealand Minister in Washington, to President Roosevelt, 24 January 1944 360
XII: Japanese Army daily ration 362
Bibliography 363