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The Royal New Zealand Navy



Admiralty The War at Sea 1939–45 (Chronological record of operations, Vols. I–VI)
Battle Summaries (Narratives of various actions and operations)
Weekly Intelligence Report
Monthly Anti-Submarine Report
British and Foreign Merchant Vessels Lost or Damaged during Second World War
Reports of Proceedings (Various naval operations)
Graf Spee, 1939. The German Story Other captured German documents (translations of raiders' war diaries, etc.)
The Navy List, 1939–45page 553
Australian Official War History Narrative of Japanese midget submarine attack on Sydney, May 1942
Department of Scientific and Industrial Research Narrative on Radar Development
Jellicoe, Admiral of the Fleet Earl Report on Naval Mission to the Dominion of New Zealand, 1919
Manhattan Engineer District The Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 1946
New Zealand Navy Office Records files; general and personal Signal Logs, 1939–45 Ships' Logs, War Diaries, and Reports of Proceedings
Annual Reports of Naval Board, 1939–45
The Navy List (RNZN), 1939–46
United States Far East Command: General Headquarters; Military History Section The Imperial Japanese Navy in World War II
United States Navy Combat Narratives (Accounts of Naval Operations in Pacific, 1942–43)
Naval Intelligence Reports (ONI Weekly and various)
Captured Japanese documents, translations
United States Strategic Bombing Survey (Pacific), Naval Analysis Division The Campaigns of the Pacific War, 1947 The Effects of Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 1946
United States Joint Army and Navy Assessment Committee Japanese Navy and Merchant Shipping Losses during World War II, 1947
page 554