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The Royal New Zealand Navy


page 539

Appendix VI

Naval Adviser to Government

Captain P. H. Hall-Thompson, CMG, RN, May 1914–July 1919

Commander T. A. Williams, CBE, RN, August 1919–March 1921

Commodore Commanding New Zealand Squadron and First Naval Member

Commodore A. G. Hotham, CB, CMG, RN, March 1921–May 1924

Commodore A. F. Beal, CB, CMG, RN, May 1924–August 1926

Commodore G. T. C. P. Swabey, DSO, RN, August 1926–September 1929

Commodore Geoffrey Blake, CB, DSO, RN, September 1929–April 1932

Rear-Admiral F. Burges Watson, DSO, RN, April 1932–May 1935

Rear-Admiral the Hon. E. R. Drummond, CB, MVO, RN, May 1935–June 1938

Note: Captain I. G. Glennie, RN, commanding officer HMNZS Achilles, served as CCNZS, June—December 1938.

Captain J. W. Rivett-Carnac, DSC, RN, commanding officer HMNZS Leander, served as CCNZS, December 1938–December 1939.

Chief of Naval Staff and First Naval Member

Commodore H. E. Horan, DSC, RN, June 1938–April 1940 (and as CCNZS, December 1939–April 1940)

Commodore W. E. Parry, CB, RN, May 1940–June 1942 (and as CCNZS, May—October 1940)

Commodore Sir Atwell Lake, Bt., CB, OBE, RN, June 1942–July 1945

Commodore G. Faulkner, DSC, RN, July 1945–May 1947

Note: Commander R. W. Stirling-Hamilton, RN, held appointment of Deputy Chief of Naval Staff, January 1942–January 1943.

Second Naval Member

Commander T. A. Williams, CBE, RN, March 1921–April 1922

Captain H. D. Hamilton, RN, April 1922–February 1924

Captain F. A. Somerville, DSO, RN, February 1924–September 1926

Captain C. N. Reyne, RN, September 1926–March 1929

Captain J. S. G. Fraser, DSC, ADC, RN, March 1929–February 1932

Captain C. S. Thomson, ADC, RN, February 1932–August 1934

Captain L. V. Morgan, MVO, DSC, ADC, RN, August 1934–October 1936

Captain R. D. Oliver, DSC, ADC, RN, October 1936–September 1938

Actg Captain A. B. Fanshawe, ADC, RN, September 1938–December 1941

Actg Captain M. J. Yeatman, ADC, RN, December 1941–January 1945

Captain M. Taylor, OBE, ADC, RN, January 1945–May 1947

page 540

Naval Secretary

Paymaster Commander J. Siddalls, OBE, RN, March 1921–October 1923

Paymaster Commander R. Butcher, CMG, MVO, RN, October 1923–July 1926

Paymaster Commander E. N. R. Fletcher, MBE, RN, July 1926–July 1929

Paymaster Commander J. V. T. Webster, DSO, RN, August 1929–May 1932

Paymaster Commander R. F. Durman, OBE, RN, May 1932–June 1935

Paymaster Captain E. L. Tottenham, OBE, RN, June 1935–May 1939

Paymaster Captain N. T. P. Cooper, RN, May 1939–September 1941

Paymaster Captain N. H. Beall, OBE, RN, September 1941–June 1944

Paymaster Captain (S) W. J. G. Prophit, OBE, RN, July 1944–December 1947