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The Royal New Zealand Navy

List of Illustrations

page xiii

List of Illustrations

The forward guns of the Achilles after the action off the River Plate R. E. Washbourn
Following page 118
Cartoon by E. F. Hiscocks in 1904 Turnbull Library
The Calliope Dock, Auckland, at its opening in February 1888 The Weekly News
New Zealand Squadron at Devonport in 1929
Naval ratings learning to make bends and hitches The Weekly News
Training in wireless telegraphy in HMS Philomel The Weekly News
HMS Achilles at Auckland T. W. Collins
The Achilles in the Strait of Magellan R. E. Washbourn
The Admiral Graf Spee
The director control tower of the Achilles R. E. Washbourn
The Ajax passing between the Achilles and the Admiral Graf Spee Central Press
Captain W. E. Parry of the Achilles dresses his leg wounds R. E. Washbourn
Damaged woodwork in the Achilles R. E. Washbourn
‘A’ turret's crew relax R. E. Washbourn
The Ajax and the Achilles steam towards Montevideo R. E. Washbourn
The after 6-inch guns of the Achilles R. E. Washbourn
The end of the Admiral Graf Spee
HMS Leander at Alexandria in 1941 NZ Army (M. D. Elias)
A tug-of-war in the Leander in the Indian Ocean F. M. Glasson
The last of the Italian raider Ramb I R. H. Bevan
The Leander bombed off Syria F. M. Glasson
The Orion's track chart, showing Hauraki Gulf minefield
Transferring survivors from the Niagara to the Kapiti R. E. Washbourn
The raider Komet (Ship No. 45) page xiv
Following page 118
German raiders off Emirau Island A. T. Cox
Fuel-oil tanks on Nauru Island shelled in December 1940 British Phosphate Commission
HMNZS Breeze in the Hauraki Gulf T. W. Collins
A German mine washed up in Manukau Harbour The Weekly News
HMS Neptune coming out of Alexandria A. T. W. Burt
The wreck of a Japanese midget submarine, Sydney Harbour
Harbour Defence Motor Launches alongside HMNZS Philomel T. W. Collins
A Fairmile submarine-chaser in the Hauraki Gulf T. W. Collins
Following page 414
The explosion of a depth-charge in the Hauraki Gulf T. W. Collins
The remains of the Japanese submarine I-1 US Navy Official
Damage to the bows of HMNZS Kiwi T. W. Collins
The ship's company of HMNZS Kiwi, Auckland The Weekly News
The Japanese light cruiser Jintsu
Cement for temporary repairs after Kolombangara F. M. Glasson
Burial service at sea P. S. Cooper
Gun crews resting after the action P. S. Cooper
Leander in Calliope Dock, Auckland T. W. Collins
HMNZS Gambia
The Gambia bombarding Kamaishi, Japan, August 1945 S. A. Clausen
Clearing ice from anchor chains and windlass British Admiralty Official
The escort carrier HMS Nairana British Admiralty Official
HMS Barham torpedoed by a U-boat in November 1941 S. G. Jervis
A Malta convoy attacked in August 1942 S. R. Pennington collection
HM Submarine Proteus at Portsmouth Fox Photos Ltd.
A British midget submarine under way British Admiralty Official
Low-wind speed trials in the Mediterranean S. R. Pennington collection
A crash-landing on HMS Hunter S. R. Pennington collection
Pilots briefed for Salerno Gulf operations S. R. Pennington collection page xv
Following page 414
A deck-landing officer guiding a pilot C. E. Brown
A German bomber destroyed in the Atlantic British Admiralty Official
Lt E. S. Erikson British Admiralty Official
Pilots being briefed for an attack on the Tirpitz British Admiralty Official
Barracuda bombers approaching Alten Fjord British Admiralty Official
Looking down on to the flight deck of HMS Indomitable British Admiralty Official
A Japanese suicide aircraft (kamikaze) blowing up British Admiralty Official
A near miss on HMS Victorious by a kamikaze D. K. Evans
Damage to HMS Formidable by a kamikaze bomber British Admiralty Official
HMNZS Achilles oiling a destroyer off Japan A. Brasell
The occupation of the Yokosuka Naval Base in August 1945 S. A. Clausen