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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Venereal Disease Treatment Centres

Venereal Disease Treatment Centres

Fresh arrangements were made at this time for the treatment of venereal disease. War Office establishments had been issued for 50-and 100-bed VD treatment centres, which could be attached to any hospital and were independent as regards equipment and personnel. It was therefore arranged that the VD Section of 1 NZ Camp Hospital be disbanded and its staff and equipment used to form two such 50-bed treatment centres, one to be attached to 1 General Hospital at Helwan and the other to 2 General Hospital. These were called 101 and 102 NZ VD Treatment Centres respectively and were formed on 27 April 1942. (The numbers 101 and 102 were used in preference to 1 and 2 to avoid confusion with British VD treatment centres.) At the same time, a VD Records clerk was added to the staff of DDMS 2 NZEF to maintain a central register of VD patients so as to correlate all records of treatment from New Zealand medical units, and to ensure that full courses of treatment were received by all out-patients and final tests of cure completed. This system was very successful.