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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Change of DMS 2 NZEF1

Change of DMS 2 NZEF1

1The title of DDMS2 NZEF was changed on 8 April 1942 to DMS 2 NZEF to bring 2 NZEF into line with 2 AIF and the Union Defence Force.

There was a change in the administration of medical services in 2 NZEF when Brigadier MacCormick returned to New Zealand for family reasons on 9 May 1942 on NMHS Oranje, and the appointment of Director of Medical Services was assumed by Brigadier page 327 Kenrick, formerly ADMS NZ Division. Brigadier MacCormick had been in charge of medical administration in 2 NZEF during the first formative two and a half years, and had played a leading part in building up the efficiency and proud reputation of the New Zealand Medical Corps. His work had called forth the highest praise from General Freyberg.

Colonel Kenrick was attached to Headquarters 2 NZEF from 11 April 1942, while Brigadier MacCormick was preparing to return to New Zealand. Lieutenant-Colonel Ardagh of 1 NZ CCS was appointed acting ADMS NZ Division. With the departure of Brigadier MacCormick, his duties were taken over on 10 May by Brigadier Kenrick, while Colonel Ardagh was confirmed in the appointment of ADMS NZ Division and Lieutenant-Colonel L. J. Hunter, 2 NZ General Hospital, was appointed to command 1 NZ CCS.

The dispersion of 2 NZEF from Helwan to Aleppo naturally made medical administration difficult, and throughout the war in the Mediterranean area the force was to become used to frequent and long-distance moves.