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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

5 Field Ambulance Returns to Western Desert

5 Field Ambulance Returns to Western Desert

Between 10 and 14 February 5 Brigade left the Canal Zone for El Adem in the Western Desert, where it came under command of Eighth Army and prepared defensive positions. To provide medical services for the brigade 5 Field Ambulance left Kabrit for El Adem area and there established an ADS and MDS. Before the move, vehicles were taken from 4 and 6 Field Ambulances to build 5 Field Ambulance up to establishment. This left 4 and 6 Field Ambulances with only seven ambulance cars and two motor cycles between them.

Fifth Brigade, although not actively engaged, remained in the Western Desert until 28 March, when it returned to Maadi Camp. While in the desert 5 Field Ambulance had been called upon to receive only a limited number of sick and wounded.

Meanwhile, 6 Field Ambulance had accompanied 6 Brigade from Maadi to Kabrit on 21 February and there again set up an MDS.