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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

General Health of Troops

General Health of Troops

The general health of the New Zealand troops remained remarkably good from the time of the start of active operations on 18 November, particularly in view of the severity of the fighting, the shortage of water, and the cold weather. The only infectious disease giving rise to any anxiety was diphtheria, of which four cases occurred in November and six in December. Relatively few cases of dysentery occurred either in the field or on the return of the Division to Baggush. This was in striking contrast to the state of affairs existing among the enemy, for on 28 November, when 800 German and Italian prisoners were placed in the prisoner-of-war cage near the New Zealand medical centre near Point 175, approximately 400 of them were found to be suffering from dysentery. There were very few cases of anxiety state till the battle was over.