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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Influenza Epidemic – 5th Reinforcements

Influenza Epidemic – 5th Reinforcements

Word was received by DDMS 2 NZEF that there was a considerable number of influenza patients among the 5th Reinforcements due to arrive in Egypt on 12 May. It was decided that the best course to follow was to isolate the whole contingent until the epidemic abated, and also to transfer all patients from 3 General Hospital to 2 General Hospital and use 3 General Hospital as an isolation hospital. Twenty sisters were transferred from 2 General Hospital to 3 General Hospital, and camp reception hospitals and convalescent camps were established in segregated areas at Maadi and Garawi to deal with cases arising in camp after the arrival of the troops.

The number of cases from the transports for actual admission to hospital was fewer than was at first indicated as the epidemic was on the wane, but it was decided to adhere to the arrangements already made. After admitting 290 infectious patients on 13 May, 3 General Hospital was isolated until 26 May, and as a result of the precautions taken the epidemic did not spread to the rest of the New Zealand force in Egypt.