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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Back to Thermopylae

Back to Thermopylae

The decision had been made on 14 April, when the battle for the Olympus-Aliakmon River line had only just begun, that the force was to move back to Thermopylae, as it was realised that the poorly equipped Greeks on the flank could not hold out for long.

The 16th Australian Brigade guarding the Veroia Gap was withdrawn across the Aliakmon and took up positions in the hills north of Servia. Mackay's force, less 1 Armoured Brigade, fell back and defended the passage to the west of the river. The 4th NZ Brigade was defending the east side of the river between the two Australian forces. Mackay's force withdrew later across the river after the bridge had been destroyed, and the two flanking forces withdrew through 4 Brigade to Larisa. The whole Anzac Corps then withdrew to the Thermopylae line. The 1st Armoured Brigade protected the left flank and withdrew to Grevena and then to Kalabaka, being joined there by a part of 17 Australian Brigade under Brigadier S. G. Savige, the force then falling back steadily to the south. A rearguard was formed under Brigadier E. A. Lee south of Dhomokos from a fresh force of two Australian battalions and a battery from Athens, and this ensured the unmolested occupation of the Thermopylae line.