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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

NZ Base Hygiene Section

NZ Base Hygiene Section

The inspection of hygiene and sanitation arrangements of Maadi Camp had been the duty of 4 Field Hygiene Section. This unit operated for a short time with NZ Division in the Western Desert, and then on 14 December 1940 left Maadi Camp for the divisional camp established at Helwan, to which New Zealand troops went on their return from the Western Desert. Thereafter, the section was to remain with NZ Division.

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It then became an urgent matter to form a Base Hygiene Section to supervise hygiene and sanitation in Maadi Camp, in outlying garrison posts manned by 2 NZEF troops, in the prisoner-of-war camp, Helwan, and the New Zealand Forces Club, Cairo. Two NCOs and four men from 4 Field Hygiene Section provided the nucleus of its staff, and Captain Williams took over command on 27 December 1940