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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Medical Administration 2 NZ Division

Medical Administration 2 NZ Division

The first three weeks of July found 2 NZ Division still in the Trieste area. Little training was in progress and ample leave and recreation was available to all ranks. The sickness rate was low and no administrative problems arose. Sick and accident cases were page 679 sent by the brigade ADSs to 6 MDS at Villa Opicina, and then to 1 Mobile CCS at Udine by ambulance cars of NZ Section MAC. Thence evacuation was by air to Senigallia.

The ADMS 2 NZ Division, Colonel Elliott, attended a number of conferences at which the organisation of a possible new force for service in the war against Japan was discussed from all angles. However, in the absence of a definite decision from the New Zealand Government, nothing concrete could be done in the way of reorganisation. A selection was made by ADMS 2 NZ Division and DMS 2 NZEF of essential officers for a new force.

On 24 July the Division began to move to a new area in the Lake Trasimene region in central Italy, the move of 400 miles taking four days. At a central site in the new divisional area 5 Field Ambulance opened for the reception of sickness cases and evacuation was made to 1 Mobile CCS, which opened at Assisi, and thence by NZ MAC to 1 General Hospital at Senigallia. Owing to the departure of long-service men for New Zealand and the lack of reinforcements, it was impossible to operate the advanced dressing stations separately and, on arrival in the new area, the ADS companies rejoined their parent units.