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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Health of Troops

Health of Troops

The only endemic diseases of importance in the first half of 1945 were malaria, diphtheria, typhoid, and the venereal diseases. The force was affected only in a very minor degree by diphtheria and malaria and not at all by typhoid, but was seriously affected by venereal diseases when Trieste was occupied.

The health of the troops had been generally excellent during the winter months, and with the decreased incidence of hepatitis the number of sick evacuated from the Division had diminished appreciably.

The number of sick admissions in the Division were 1030 in January, 815 in February, 1074 in March, 967 in April, and 1009 in May. At times up to 60 per cent of the cases were returned to their units without being evacuated beyond the divisional medical units.

2 NZEF (Italy and Egypt) Admissions to Medical Units
With BCs
Total Cases Excluded
January 2143 2040
February 1984 1893
March 2095 2074
April 2769 1679
May 2141 2074
11,132 9760
2 NZEF Patients in Medical Units
1 Jan 2720
31 Jan 2104
28 Feb 1775
31 Mar 1523
30 Apr 2399
31 May 1410