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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Evacuation from the CCS

Evacuation from the CCS

While the evacuation of patients to the CCS at Forli was excellent, the evacuation from the CCS was better than it had ever been. From 9 April quite a large proportion of the cases, including fractured femur cases, were flown to 3 General Hospital at Bari, and many serious cases arrived there within twenty-four hours of being wounded. This saved congestion at 1 General Hospital and also a double trip for the serious cases. The cases arrived at 3 General Hospital in excellent condition without any untoward incident. Evacuation to 1 General Hospital during the offensive was carried out smoothly both by ambulance car and later, from 18 April, by hospital train from Forli to Senigallia.

From San Marino evacuation was by road to Forli, where the detachment from 2 General Hospital at first acted as a staging post, thence by air and rail.

When the CCS reached Mestre at the end of April evacuation was by road to San Marino and Forli, a long, slow, and arduous journey. During May road evacuations took place to 54 British page 661 General Hospital at Ferrara, and also to 1 General Hospital, a very long route and a severe trial to the patients. Erratic air evacuation was available from 11 May to 1 General Hospital at Senigallia.