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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

Evacuation in Forward Areas

Evacuation in Forward Areas

During the static period evacuation of casualties from the front line to the ambulance units and also to the CCS was easy and rapid. When the Division moved rapidly forward the evacuation of casualties became difficult, partly because of the long distances to be covered and partly because of movement against the general stream of traffic at the many bridges. To counter these difficulties the ambulance units moved steadily forward and split up so as to leave personnel in charge of serious cases which could not be evacuated. Evacuation was by motor ambulance back to the MDS active at the time, and from the MDS back by road to the CCS. The only delay in the arrival of forward casualties recorded by the CCS was after the crossing of the Santerno, during the latter part of the CCS's stay at Forli, and during its last few days at San Marino.