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New Zealand Medical Services in Middle East and Italy

The Work of the CCS

The Work of the CCS

During April the CCS admitted 1004 battle casualties and 454 sick, a total of 1458, the great majority during the first twenty-six days at Forli. There were 26 deaths and one admitted dead. Of the 28 abdominal cases, 11 died.

The incidence of the different types of injury among battle casualties is shown by the following figures:

GSW 227
Shell 294
Bomb 122
Mine 34
Mortar 292
Other causes 35
page 660

For anaesthesia pentothal was used in 380 cases, whereas inhalation anaesthesia, half with pentothal inductions, was used for only 45 cases, and local for 37 cases.

During May 57 battle casualties and 498 sick were admitted, with three deaths; also five were brought in dead. At Mestre very satisfactory accommodation in buildings was available for the surgical cases, while the medical cases, under the care of the detachment from 2 General Hospital, were in tents.